Erbrechen oder Einverleiben? Zwischen eigenmotivierter Fremdforschung und Gefährdung des Subjekts: Ethnographie im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft, Poesie und Autobiographie



Hubert Fichte is still considered the most important representative of German ethnopoetics. Fichte has been criticized that his research of the other is nothing else but research of the self. However, Fichte himself already anticipated and refuted those polemic attacks in his “New Science of Man” (Neue Wissenschaft vom Menschen). In order to delineate the connection between science, poetics, and autobiography, this article traces Fichte’s use of the two dialectic metaphors of penetration (“Eindringen”) and vomiting (“Erbrechen”). Finally, other options and variants of contemporary German ethnopoetry are thematized (Hans Christoph Buch, Michael Roes). (CMS; in German)

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