Versuch, kubistische Lyrik zu übertragen: Vier Gedichte von August Stramm auf Englisch

Reinhold Grimm


This article is the final document of the late Reinhold Grimm’s intense and fruitful engagement within the field of literary translation. Grimm takes on the particularly difficult task of translating expressionist poems by August Stramm. Since simplistic attempts such as ‘literal’ or paraphrastic translations necessarily fail, Grimm transfers the structural principle of the source texts to the target texts. In analogy with the arts he names this principle cubist, thus trying to master a double task, i.e., to translate a German verbal rendering of cubism into English. The results of this endeavor are twofold: in addition to challenging translations of four challenging poems by August Stramm, Grimm offers critical reflections on every single decision that was made during the process of translation, thus providing the reader with transparent translations of opaque texts. (HA; in German)

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