“Wenn des zärtlichen Glems Auge mir nun nicht mehr lächelt?” Schubarts Fehldruck von Klopstocks Ode an Ebert

Günter Paulus Schiemenz


Prior to Klopstock’s own editions of his odes, Christian Friedrich Daniel Schu-bart published an unauthorized anthology entitled Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstocks kleine poetische und prosaische Werke. In all known copies of the book, the sheet A7 (pages 13–14) has scrupulously been replaced by a corrected print, so that the original version so far has remained unknown. The revision affects part of Klopstock’s ode addressed to his friend Johann Arnold Ebert. Now, a copy containing the original sheet has come to light. On page 14, the names of four of Klopstock’s friends have been replaced by the word Glems. Whatever may have incited Schubart to choose this enigmatic word, it may have served as a provisional substitute for the true names unknown to him. Unable to elucidate them during the course of printing, he eventually would have been forced to exchange the sheet in order to eliminate the substitute. (GPS; in German)

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