Der große Schwung der Abwendung. Zur Lesbarkeit Kafkas

Andreas Härter


Andreas Härter’s essay reviewing recent research publications on Kafka (Monatshefte 101.2 [2009]) provoked a response from Marcus P. Bullock, which Härter in turn replied to. Härter’s rejoinder addresses the methodological assumptions and claims of Bullock’s reply; particularly his emphasis on the autonomous “work of art” in its structural unity and (narrative) integrity, his reservations about discourse analytical approaches, which are basically incompatible with his own concept of the autonomy of a work of art (the methodological shift of the past decades seems to become noticeable in this reluctance), and his rejection of deconstruction. Härter provides a reading of Kafka’s short tale “Gibs auf!” that considers deconstruction and the positioning of theory- and discourse-based interpretations while staying close to the text by reflecting primarily on its narrative and figural aspects. Subsequently the relation of text and reading (or of ‘work’ and research, respectively) indicates a peculiar discursive/metadiscursive ambivalence. (AH; in German)

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