Traum, Physiologie, Biographie. Jean Pauls Schreiblabor

Jens Loescher


This article points at the historical constellation of Johannes von Müller’s and Johann Evangelista Pukinje’s physiological discourse on the one hand and Jean Paul’s refl ections on writing as a corporeal act and its productive effects on the other. Subjective images’ (‘subjektive Bilder’), dreams, the concomitance of handwriting and brainwriting are topics that Jean Paul, the reading expert on novel discourses in medicine, addresses. The evolving writing strategies can be tracked in numerous manuscripts by the author’s hand; an early one from the “Satiren” will be presented here. Finally, the article deals with the complex interplay of literal productivity and the cognitive effects of writing—so significant in the case of a ‘paper worker’ who has produced more than 10,000 pages of aesthetic value in his life. (JL; in German)

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