„Cristina“ oder was in Herta Müllers Securitate-Akte steht. Über Löcher und Fehlschlüsse einer Aktengeschichte

Valentina Glajar


In 2008, Herta Müller composed her reaction to reading her secret police surveillance file: Cristina und ihre Attrappe oder Was (nicht) in den Akten der Securitate steht. Müller focuses in particular on the gaps it features, the redacted parts, or the ones she believes were redacted, as further proof that the Romanian secret police has censured itself by erasing incriminating evidence. Her own reading of the file, as well as the title of her text, begs the question of what exactly is in her file. In this article, I engage with some of Müller’s claims in Cristina about the missing parts. As I will show, some aspects are just veiled and need to be uncovered, while others can be found in unexpected parts of the file. By reading and comparing information in both Müller’s and the novelist Richard Wagner’s files, a broader picture emerges, especially when including the wiretapped conversations, which allow their own voices to transpire, albeit in a mediated way. (VG; in German)

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