From the Editor

Hans Adler

After eighteen years of serving as the general editor of this journal, I would like to let our readers know that Hannah Eldridge, Sonja Klocke, and I will co-edit Monatshefte from the summer issue (111.2) on during the year 2019. From 2020 on, Hannah Eldridge and Sonja Klocke will take on general editorship of Monatshefte. It was a privilege and a great pleasure for me to serve as editor of this journal. I would like to thank the Editorial Assistants for their great cooperation and dedication to Monatshefte. I am particularly grateful to Sabine Gross, the Book Review Editor of Monatshefte. The collaboration with her over all the years was a wonderful experience and helped to substantially improve the quality of Monatshefte. The reliable publication schedule would not have been possible without the professional collaboration with John T. Ferguson and Toni Gunnison of the UW Press. I would like to thank John and Toni in particular for their patience and friendly support throughout the years.

—Hans Adler