In-between Wars, in-between Genders: A Queer Reading of Maria von Peteani’s Der Page vom Dalmasse-Hotel

Viktoria Pötzl


Der Page vom Dalmasse-Hotel is a novel by Austrian author Maria von Peteani which was first published in 1933. This article offers a queer reading of the novel and introduces one of Austria’s once widely-read female authors, von Peteani. The analysis builds on original, little-used sources from the city archives of Linz. In the article, I reflect upon distinct cultural and social developments during Austria’s interwar period, focusing in particular on female experiences. Upon situating von Peteani within Austria’s literary scene, I use the methodology of a queer reading to analyze Der Page vom Dalmasse-Hotel. I investigate the gendered politics of clothing, performance, and language to make an argument about the subversive possibilities of a crossdressing motif. (VP)

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