Preface from the Special Issue Editors

Kyle Frackman and Ervin Malakaj

While this special issue was in production, we received the unhappy news that one of the issue’s contributors and a leading scholar in our discipline, Robert “Bob” Deam Tobin, had died.

Bob’s work had an incredible impact on the field of German Studies and, more broadly, on the subfield of queer German studies. His scholarly books, articles, and chapters were for many of us an initiation into queer studies. When emerging scholars reached out, Bob was always available for a chat. Often this resulted in long-term research projects and various collaborations at conferences and in other scholarly venues.

Bob was an exceptional scholar, teacher, and mentor. He supported our past and ongoing initiatives, including the conference that led to the publication of this special issue. We remain indebted to his long term support and are grateful for the time we were able to share with him. And we dedicate this special issue to Robert Deam Tobin.