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Edited by Hannah V. Eldridge and Sonja E. Klocke, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Book Review Editor: Sabine Gross, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Editorial Assistant: Nicole Fischer, University of Wisconsin–Madison

ISSN: 0026-9271, e-ISSN: 1934-2810
Published four times per year

Monatshefte has appeared continuously since 1899 and has been published at the University of Wisconsin–Madison since 1927. A quarterly journal devoted to German literature and culture, Monatshefte offers articles on topics from all periods of German literature and book reviews of current scholarship in German studies. Monatshefte also publishes extensive topic-focused review articles intermittently. The winter issue of each volume contains “Personalia,” a comprehensive listing of German studies faculty and departments in the United States and Canada, as well as a list of all PhD theses that have been defended in the preceding year.

Special Issues:
Annemarie Schwarzenbach's Photographic Practice, Monatshefte Vol. 113 #3
Rhythm, Monatshefte Vol. 113 #1
Aras Ören, Monatshefte Vol. 112 #4
Rache und Sprache, Monatshefte Vol. 111 #3
Archive und Geheimdienstakten: Dialogisches Erinnern an Verfolgung und Zensur im Ostblock, Monatshefte Vol. 110 #2
Weimar Photography in Context, Monatshefte vol. 109 #2
Measuring the World, Monatshefte vol. 108 #3
Observation in Science and Literature, Monatshefte vol. 105 #3
Kafkas Spätstil/Kafka’s Late Style, Monatshefte vol. 103 #3
H.G. Adler—Dichter Gelehrter Zeuge, Monatshefte Vol. 103 #2
Writing in Images, Monatshefte Vol. 102 #3
100th Volume Special Issue, Monatshefte Vol. 100 #1
Dea Loher: Monatshefte Vol. 99 #3
The Art of Hearing, Monatshefte Vol. 98 #2
Encounters with Schiller, Monatshefte Vol. 97 #3
Integrität, Monatshefte Vol. 97 #2
Johann Gottfried Herder 1744-1803, Monatshefte Vol. 95 #2
Rereading Adorno, Monatshefte Vol. 94 #1, available on JSTOR